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Seven Buried Canterbury Tales (reading age 9 - 11)


is based on Museum objects from excavations and run from Roman cavalry swords of AD 300 to a 15th century pilgrim bell to hang on harness.

Missionaries, Vikings, Normans and the Black Death feature in the others. The tough times may differ from today's but the children in the tales face the unchanging problems of growing up.

Paperback, 40 pages, ISBN 0-9529383-0-8

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to UK: £5.50,  Europe: £6.00,  World:  £6.50

Becket's Bones to the Blitz (reading age 10 - 12)


follows the first book from the destruction of Becket's shrine to the blitz of 1942 and is based on surviving buildings.

The children include Marlowe's brother, a cripple in the Civil War, a Walloon weaver's daughter, Thomas Sidney Cooper and girls involved in the world's first passenger railway.

Paperback, 56 pages, ISBN 0-9529383-1-6

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to UK: £5.70,  Europe: £6.50,  World:  £7.50

Becket's Relic: two boys and a murder (12 upwards)


is a full-length story based on Becket's actual scullion who appears in contemporary accounts helping FizUrse to arm before the Archbishop's murder.

It covers the four years to Henry II's spectacular penance in 1174 and takes Robert Shinbone to Yorkshire, Devon and Rome. A modern boy whose mother has been killed is caught up in Robert Shinbone's journey and both have to decide what they think about relics and miracles.

Paperback, 160 pages, ISBN 0-9529383-2-4

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to UK: £6.00,  Europe: £7.00,  World:  £8.60

What Children have said about the stories:

My favourite was Niall's Knife (Seven Buried Tales) because I came to see how it would be in the middle of a Viking attack.
Tom, Dick and Harry (Becket's Bones) was a brilliant adventure story, very fast-moving and really grabbed your attention.

Since I read your books I have gone on a historical walk to find out more about how Canterbury used to be.  I hope you can write some more books.

Brilliantly executed and well-researched.  I read it four times because it was so good. Henrietta's Firebomb (Becket's Bones) was really funny and a really good adventure - scary but fun.

Your other stories were thrilling too and I would recommend them to my friends in other schools.

(Becket’s Relic) I read it from cover to cover in one night and saw it was for 12’s – then I saw ‘of any age’, thank goodness! (from a City Councillor’s speech)