Marjorie Lyle

Writer and Speaker

Do you like Canterbury, local history, talks, walks, children and their stories?

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An Oxford graduate and Canterbury resident since 1955 Marjorie taught History in secondary schools and local history to adults. As Hon Education Officer to Canterbury Archaeological Trust she ran a junior archaeology club, heritage week-ends and visited schools. A city guide since 1957, she helps in training courses for today's guides and conducts special interest groups, Canterbury Festival walks and follow-up visits after some talks. She is into her second century of talks to local societies throughout Kent and has featured on radio and TV.

She also has five children, twelve grandchildren and a great-granddaughter for whom her three children's books about Canterbury were written. They are her honest critics Marjorie has read her stories in schools and in libraries and in our Mid-West sister city Bloomington Normal, Illinois.

In 2005 Marjorie and her husband Lawrence received Civic Awards from the City of Canterbury for spreading knowledge of the history and archaeology of the city after energetic and sustained research.  In 2006 Marjorie's book
Canterbury: 2000 years of History received the John Hayes Award for the best book on the city over twenty-five years.  That year saw Lawrence and Marjorie  become Fellows of the Historical Association in its centenary year.  In her spare time she is a Rotarian, an almshouse trustee and Vice-President of Canterbury's Liberal Democrats.